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We currently house only Sanctuary canines at this time – this is subject to change depending on what animals are brought into the organization and the development of the animals already part of our Sanctuary.

Vicki’s Village Animal Rescue and Sanctuary was founded in the memory of a little senior dog named Vicki (Miss Princess Queen Victoria, the Precious). She was rescued off the street by Alexandrea-Silver in 2010 and lived the rest of her life in comfort and love. The vibrancy of Vicki’s short time with Alexandrea-Silver made a life long impact, inspiring this organization that has saved hundreds of other lives since.

Vicki’s Village Animal Rescue and Sanctuary operates out of a private home in the Eastern Sierras of California. We are a grassroots organization that can only take animals in on a case by case basis. Our funding is 100% donation based, as we are not affiliated with Mono or Inyo County, nor recipients of any grant funding.

Join us for our 2022 Open House event in September! Come hang out with all the dogs who live and thrive here. Meet Alexandrea-Silver Helms, the Founder and Caretaker of the organization. Enjoy snacks and drinks and playtime with the pups. See the rescue facility and the property the dogs rule over. Flo’s Diner in Chalfant (15 minutes south of Benton on Highway 6) is having a car show from 11am – 4pm so make it a whole day of fun on Highway 6!