Our first 6 months

June has come and gone, and so has the first 6 months of this organization being officially open. We at Vicki’s Village have been overwhelmed with the support we have received and are continuously inspired to do as much as we can, in the name of all animals.

The list below accounts for all of the animals we have been able to rescue/assist since January 1st:
Smitty & Patches – Available for Adoption (Dogs)
Rex – Available for Adoption (Dog)
Cassidy – Available for Adoption (Dog)
Jazzy – Available for Adoption (Dog)
Xerxes – Available for Adoption (Dog) *application pending*
Rocky – Adopted (Dog)
Rylie – Medical/Unavailable (Dog)
Nova – Foster/Unavailable (Cat)
There are currently 11 dogs placed in the sanctuary side of the rescue who receive our constant care as well.
We have also been able to financially assist a SLO County kitten foster with the care and spay/neuter of 3 homeless kittens who have adopters currently lined up.
Without fosters and people crossposting our information on social media, rescuing these animals would have been nearly impossible. Every Share matters in reaching people who could help us through fostering, adopting, volunteering their time/skills or donating.

Our current project is to fund-raise enough money to be able to purchase a 20′ x 30′ facility we would build specifically for the dogs. This would allow us to rescue & house up to 35 dogs at a time. It would also allow us the foundation to build off of, adding more space and additional facilities as need be. This is the facility we’d like to purchase – click here.

Our online support has been phenomenal and we appreciate everyone for following along with us on this journey. We’d really love to see all of our social media accounts @vickisvillage rise to 1,000 followers each by the end of the year, so please find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat and give our page some attention. We want to cross the globe with our message of compassion and action for animals!

The sustainability of the rescue falls down to our financials and how much good we can do depends on how much money we have. VVARS has been blown away by the donations that have come in when we are in need. The support of our followers makes us feel like we really can save them all, with you by our side.

The following chart is our 6 month financial report of Revenues and Expenses. I have broken it down to the following categories:
Medical – Operations and procedures, general care for the animals. Our trusted vet clinic is Sierra Vet Clinic in Bishop, California.
General Fund – Dog food, beds, toys, cleaning supplies, small travel expenses, general care. Advertising, postage, office supplies, bank fees.
* Board of Director Donations – The Board donates makes regular donations to assure that the rescue has a reliable amount of emergency money, just in case.
Adoption/Intake – Rehoming fees required for dogs who are released to the rescue, or foster donations.
Facility – Our new dog facility project. We have added a separate big dog run and an outdoor cat area as of now.

01 01 2018 through 06 30 2018 Rev and Exp Chart

If you have any questions on details, please contact us. We want to keep our finances completely transparent so everyone can be assured that their donations are doing the most good that can be done!

Aside from taking in homeless animals that need our immediate help, the rescue would like to be able to work in conjunction with groups and veterinarians across California to provide the resources available to help with animal medical care. Spaying and neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping and dental’s are all essential requirements for a healthy companion, and we know that depending on the access available, all of those things can be pricey! We want to find a solution. We’re always brainstorming and would love to hear from anyone who has an idea or contact available for reliable animal care in California.

Thank you for giving us your time and attention as we try to do our best by all of our animal companions. Sometimes we get busy and forget to reply to messages, and we are still working out the finer details of running an efficient non-profit organization. Your patience and support as we get bigger and better means everything to this operation. Thank you for believing in us!

Special thanks to;
Sierra Vet Clinic, Karen McAlpin, Yvonne Helms, Kristine Pickett, Lynn Cerny, Olivia Moreno, Eastern Sierra Dog Rescue, Charlotte Meade and Meade Canine Rescue, Heather Rios, Rebekkah Salazar, Jesse Davis, Heather Love, Pj & Lauryn Preeshl, BAD Photography.

Alexandrea “Silver” Helms and all of our canine and feline companions


2 thoughts on “Our first 6 months

  1. Congratulations on your first 6 months! You should be proud! I love the photos from BAD Photography. They did a fantastic job capturing the animals’ personalities.

    Regarding advertising … I found Xerxes via Rescueme.org. If you haven’t already, you may want to consider Petfinder, Petharbor, and Adoptapet. Those seem to be the websites many rescues and shelters use to list their available animals. I have no idea if there is a cost or not to use them. Just an idea to expand your reach.

    Best wishes for continued success!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support and encoruagement Nicole! We grately appreciate it đź’•
      We’ve definitely been talking about expanding our advertising with the adoption websites. Thanks for the suggestion – we’ll make that a priority!
      Xo Alexandrea Silver


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