Autumn Update

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to keep all of our supporters up to date with the rescue. As the summer season slows down, so have we. Currently, we are at our maximum capacity at our rescue site and have utilized all of our foster resources at the moment. Everyone is at a safe space, love and cared for. Until we get new foster homes signed up, or some of our adoptables placed into purrfect homes, we are not taking in anymore dogs at the moment.

While we take some time to wind down from the rat race taking in new babes, we are going to refocus our sites on some of our standing goals at this time.
Our largest project, the building of a new facility, has not been as much as a success as we had hoped. With little visual aides, it is difficult to get on board with the end goal we have set up. So! We are shifting gears.
Instead of fundraising a pile of money all at one time to put a pre-made building in, we are going to work on getting this structure built ourselves, bit by bit. As the weather cools down, we can take more time to clear out the area needed. We’ll fundraise at different sections of the build, for the specific materials we need to move on to the next stage. Through out the whole project, we’ll keep you up to date with pictures and progress reports!

Join us on Sunday, September 16th in Mammoth Lakes for the Trails & Tails event that we will be a part of. Come meet our adoptable dogs from 9am to 1pm and have fun with all of the other animal organizations in the area. It’s going to be a great event! More info here

As we are working on our building and enjoying the end of the year months, we are also going to be working on a humane education program that we can take to the local schools and do presentations with. Being a part of the rescue community, taking in homeless dogs is only half the battle. We must also work to prevent animals from becoming homeless in the first place. With that, we have to hit the kids at a young age and get them inspired to do what’s compassion, and educated on how to always be humane. With that, we ask that if anyone knows of any similar humane education resources or has any ideas, we are more then welcome to suggestions and collaborations. Please do not hesitate to help us provide the best learning experience possible!

Thank you to all of our supporters: fosters, donors, adopters and well wishers alike! Without you, we’d wouldn’t be where we are at now. This organization continues to make great progress and with team members like you, who is reading this now, we can do anything. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Alexandrea-Silver, VVARS President
and all of the furry friends that make up this village

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