Rescue Building

The biggest goal of the rescue to date is building our rescue building so we can increase our capacity! The more room we have to take in our senior and special needs animals, the more lives we can save.


We have broken ground on the rescue building!

We have officially started the set up of the new pre-fabricated rescue and sanctuary dwelling for Vicki’s Village. To be delivered by mid-March, a 28′ x 12′ lofted barn will become our newest space for our adoptable and sanctuary dogs. Our intake numbers will be able to grow larger, giving us the ability to save more lives! We are so excited to be able to permanently expand in such a way. Your support has made this all possible!

Please stay tuned: Our next step is to have our road base foundation delivered Feb 4th, which will level out the ground in preparation for the building to be dropped off.

Donate to the continuation of the building project so we can have water, electricity, fencing, etc. and be complete by the end of the Summer, 2019.




The rescue building, and new home to be of VVARS, has arrived!



The pre-fabricated rescue and sanctuary dwelling for Vicki’s Village has arrived! It was delivered on March 25th, and you can see the highlights of the delivery on our Instagram story highlights @vickisvillage
This is just the beginning, in many ways! The building is a shell and still needs electricity, water, insulation, sheeting, flooring and general carpentry. Our outdoor play area is going to require taller fencing. We have a huge project ahead of us and we are so excited to have this opportunity. With this building, our animal intake capacity increases, allowing us to have a larger impact on our communities.
Plans for the interior of the building will be posted soon, so everyone can stay up to date with what is to come soon. As always, your donations allow us to continue on this wonderful journey. If you are able to donate to our building fund, the dogs and us would be so incredibly grateful!

Making progress, one step at a time! July 2019 updates on the rescue building.

We installed our indoor sink and are 99% of the way to having running water. All we need is the faucet! We’re also going to install a drain near the sink so we can hose off and wash down any large messes into the floor drain.Speaking of floors…We were finally able to purchase all of the flooring materials and additional tools to be able to complete everything for the ground floor. We chose water-proof, vinyl stick down floor panels for easy clean up and easy replacement if there’s extreme wear and tear. This is a huge chunk of the construction just beginning, but almost done. We should be completed with this portion by August!

Since Summer 2018, we have been fundraising to put a down payment for a custom built building to be delivered to the property. And on March 2019, our 12′ x 28′ lofted barn was dropped off.

2019 was a great year with a lot of progress made on our building. We’re almost there!

Since we got the building in March, there has been a lot of work put in to make this building progress. It has been a slow and steady process, but with so much help through donations and a few volunteers coming out with manual work, we will be complete by Spring 2020.
So far, we have finished installing our laminate flooring; put in insulation and got our walls and ceiling put in; installed the chimney and placed our wood burning stove; added an extra man door to the outdoor dog area.
Our next goals are to finish putting in the chimney stove pipe; our lights and faucet for the water; installing the dog doors and finishing the outdoor fencing; setting up power and completing the interior design for the dogs.

The building is finishing up nicely!

As of March 2020, we’ve made a lot of progress with the finishing touches of the building. Before we can begin to take on a larger amount of animals, we must complete the permitting and licensing thru Mono County to allow us to have more animals on the property. But the building is looking beautiful and we are preparing to finalize the paperwork and move toward a move in date for the dogs.